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An investigation is initiated by a federal agent upon discovering discrepancies in the photographic proof of multiple homicides captured by mobile robotic cameras.


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United States
102 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'Eyeborgs'

The film “Eye­borgs” is about an extensive sur­veil­lance pro­gramme launched by the US gov­ern­ment to ensure national security. Under the pro­gramme, all homes, streets and offices will be con­stantly mon­itored by mobile cam­eras called eye­borgs. Pri­vacy is thus a thing of the past, as all cam­eras are net­worked with an over­arching system that watches everything and everyone – all the time and without pause.

Gunner Reyn­olds is a top agent of the “Depart­ment of Home­land Security” and a strong sup­porter of the sur­veil­lance pro­gramme. But when he invest­ig­ates some strange deaths where the objective evid­ence doesn’t match the record­ings from the cam­eras, he begins to dis­trust the system. Reyn­olds believes that the cam­eras are not only watching, but also taking action them­selves. He sus­pects that ter­ror­ists have found a way to con­trol the system and manip­u­late the sur­veil­lance.

How­ever, Reyn­olds has no idea that the situ­ation is much worse and more threat­ening than he sus­pects. For it turns out that the Eye­borgs are not being manip­u­lated by ter­ror­ists, but are acting on their own and pur­suing their own agenda. The cam­eras are plan­ning an attack on all of humanity and Reyn­olds must do everything he can to ward off the impending attack and save the world from total col­lapse.

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You have been dis-armed, baby!

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