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Evil Bong

In this campy comedy, a group of stoners unwittingly unleash a malevolent force when they smoke from a vintage bong named EeBee. As they indulge in their session, they find themselves drawn into a horrifying surreal world they never anticipated.

Evil Bong

Details of 'Evil Bong'

United States
86 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'Evil Bong'

“Evil Bong” is a 2006 horror film dir­ected by Charles Band. The film tells the story of a group of friends who dis­cover a malevolent, magical hookah that leads them on a sur­real adven­ture.

The film presents a variety of crazy and absurd ideas that make it an uncon­ven­tional horror exper­i­ence. One of the central ideas is the “Evil Bong” itself, an evil water pipe that has a mind and evil inten­tions of its own. By smoking the bong, the prot­ag­on­ists are trans­ported into a strange, drug-influ­enced dimen­sion where their deepest fears and fantasies come true.

Another crazy idea is the appear­ance of living plants that attack humans in this altern­ative dimen­sion. The plants have human char­ac­ter­istics and are out to devour their vic­tims. This leads to some bizarre and some­times humorous scenes as the friends try to escape the attacks of the plant-like creatures.

The film also fea­tures a number of bizarre char­ac­ters, including a talking cater­pillar who gives advice to the prot­ag­on­ists and a crazy shop­keeper who owns the “Evil Bong” and con­trols his cus­tomers with the help of the magic pipe.

Another absurd idea is the fact that the “Evil Bong” has its own per­son­ality and can com­mu­nicate with people. She tries to seduce and manip­u­late her vic­tims by ful­filling their deepest desires. But these desires often have dark con­sequences and lead to unex­pected plot twists.

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Evil Bong
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