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While attempting to break free from their mundane routines, two adolescent boys accidentally invoke an age-old malevolent force referred to as The Blind One through their experimentation with dark magic.


Details of 'Deathgasm'

New Zealand
86 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'Deathgasm'

The film “Death­gasm” tells the story of young metal­head Brodie (Milo Cawthorne), whose life sud­denly changes dra­mat­ic­ally when his mother is com­mitted to a psy­chi­atric ward and he is forced to live with his reli­gious uncle Albert and his family. As if that wasn’t enough, Brodie is also fighting for the atten­tion of the beau­tiful Medina (Kim­berley Crossman) against his chavvy cousin.

But then Brodie meets the rebel­lious Zakk (James Blake) and together they form the metal band DEATHGASM. With their striving school­mates they rock brutal riffs in their spare time. But when they come across a mys­ter­ious sheet of music and play the so-called “Black Anthem”, the situ­ation in the oth­er­wise peaceful town gets com­pletely out of con­trol.

The music played turns the neigh­bours into bloodthirsty demons and opens a portal to hell through which the chief demon Aloth is about to arrive. Brodie and Zakk must now pre­pare for the demon’s arrival and take up the fight against the hell army.

The film fea­tures a suc­cessful mix of horror and comedy and is a must-see for all metal fans and horror film lovers. With its satir­ical and biting style, it makes fun of the clichés of the horror genre and the pre­ju­dices against metal music. The action and splatter scenes are bloody, but always staged with a wink. All in all, “Death­gasm” is an enter­taining film that takes the viewer on a wild and bloody journey.

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My uncle Albert was balls-deep into Jesus. He thought Ricky Martin was heavy. He heard me cranking some Disemboweled Corpse and he hasn't slept for days.

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