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Death Kappa

After an atomic bomb explosion during military experiments, a nuclear fallout breaks out and a gigantic monster appears, which Japan's defence forces are powerless against. The only hope for humanity lies in an irradiated water goblin called "Death Kappa", who now face each other in an ultimate battle between good and evil.

Death Kappa

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79 minutes

About 'Death Kappa'

“Death Kappa” is a 2010 Japanese mon­ster film that tells the story of a kappa, a myth­o­lo­gical water creature from Japanese folk­lore. The film is set in the present day and revolves around the reawakening of the kappa through the use of cucum­bers, its tra­di­tional favourite food.

How­ever, after its reawakening, the kappa develops a malevolent nature and begins to pose a threat to humanity. Mean­while, various groups, including unscru­pu­lous sci­ent­ists and a vicious secret organ­isa­tion, are inter­ested in finding a mys­ter­ious arte­fact that has the ability to con­trol the weather.

The plot picks up as the Kappa battles a giant lizard. This battle takes place in the middle of a Japanese city and causes chaos and destruc­tion. The Kappa is even­tu­ally aided by his human allies as they battle the ruth­less sci­ent­ists and the evil secret organ­isa­tion to pro­tect the arte­fact and save the world.

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Death Kappa
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