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Dead Ant

'89 glam-metal band "Sonic Grave" seeks a comeback at Coachella but faces a supernatural assault during their Joshua Tree peyote trip. They must rock to survive.

Dead Ant

Details of 'Dead Ant'

United States
87 minutes

About 'Dead Ant'

“Dead Ant” is a 2017 horror comedy film dir­ected by Ron Carlson. The film tells the story of an unsuc­cessful hair­spray metal band called “Sonic Grave” who, at the height of their career, receive an invit­a­tion to a fest­ival in the Cali­for­nian desert. The band mem­bers, con­sisting of Art, Stevie, Pager and Danny, set off for the event full of anti­cip­a­tion.

On their journey, the mem­bers of “Sonic Grave” get into some absurd and unex­pected situ­ations. One of them is the con­sump­tion of hal­lu­cino­genic cactus plants, which they dis­cover on their way. After eating them, they begin to have a crazy vision in which giant ants attack them. But they soon realise that this vision has become reality when they are actu­ally attacked by giant mutant ants.

While trying to escape the ants, they meet a group of desert dwellers who want to help them. These quirky char­ac­ters add to the mad­ness and con­tribute to the comic atmo­sphere of the film. Even­tu­ally, a plan develops for the band to defeat the ants: They decide to use their music to irritate and dis­tract the ants.

One of the most absurd scenes in the film involves a weird, psy­che­delic musical sequence in which the band mem­bers per­form in a cactus forest and have the mutant ants as their audi­ence. An absurd mix of rock music and horror ensues as the ants scurry around wildly and the band tries to play their songs des­pite the chaotic cir­cum­stances.

Another insane idea in the film is that the ants are attracted by hair­spray, which is due to the metal hair­styles of the band mem­bers. This leads to some hil­arious moments when the band tries to get rid of their hair­spray and fight the ants at the same time.

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Dead Ant
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