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Dave Made a Maze

Struggling artist trapped in own fort's fantastical chaos; rescue mission becomes supernatural nightmare.

Dave Made a Maze

Details of 'Dave Made a Maze'

United States
80 minutes
2.00 : 1

About 'Dave Made a Maze'

“Dave Made a Maze” is an uncon­ven­tional inde­pendent film from 2017 that falls into the cat­egory of absurd com­edies. The story revolves around Dave, a cre­ative but unin­spired artist who starts an unusual pro­ject in his living room. He builds a card­board maze that appears tiny on the out­side but mutates into an infinite and dan­gerous maze on the inside. When Dave is trapped in his own work of art, he des­per­ately calls his friends for help, who get lost in the maze and have to over­come all kinds of bizarre chal­lenges to save Dave.

The film’s most absurd scenes and ideas are clearly to be found in the con­cep­tual real­isa­tion of the card­board maze. The maze takes on a bizarre life of its own, with unpre­dict­able dangers such as live card­board mon­sters, tor­nadoes made of string, and quirky obstacles plunging the group of res­cuers into a sur­real adven­ture. The makers of the film have cre­at­ively explored the world of card­board making and fantasy, res­ulting in unex­pected and absurdly funny situ­ations. Dave, the maze cre­ator, is caught up in his own artistic mad­ness, and the absurd ele­ments of the film reflect his inner con­flict and cre­ative frus­tra­tion.

Overall, “Dave Made a Maze” is a cine­matic exper­i­ment that blurs the bound­aries of reality and ima­gin­a­tion. It com­bines abstract art with absurd comedy and offers viewers an enter­taining and unique exper­i­ence that humor­ously ques­tions the meaning of art and cre­ativity. The film is an ode to the ima­gin­a­tion and a visual feast for lovers of the unusual.

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Dave Made a Maze
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