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During the 1960s, a nurse eagerly awaited her last day at work, looking forward to a peaceful farewell. However, her expectations were shattered when a well-intentioned doctor accidentally gave rise to a monstrous cyst that unleashed terror upon the entire office.


Details of 'Cyst'

United States
73 minutes

About 'Cyst'

The 2020 film “Cyst” is a horror film that tells a story about plastic sur­geon Dr Guy and his obscure inven­tion. In December 1961, Dr Guy presents his latest device called the “Get Gone machine” to a com­mittee of the Patent Office. The “Get Gone machine” is a clunky machine designed to suck out fes­tering ulcers from patients without leaving any residue and pro­tecting the sur­rounding tissue.

How­ever, Dr Guy has a problem: his nurse Patricia, who has already resigned, had to exper­i­ence first-hand that the machine does not yet have the neces­sary sens­it­ivity. It seems that the “Get Gone machine” is not yet working optim­ally. Nev­er­the­less, Dr Guy is determ­ined to demon­strate his inven­tion and uses a nutrient solu­tion he has developed him­self to create fes­tering tumours.

But the exper­i­ment goes hor­ribly wrong. The trainee Pre­ston is injected with the nutrient solu­tion and dies in agony. The serum grows into a mon­strous cyst mon­ster with an insa­ti­able craving for human flesh. The plot of the film revolves around the struggle for sur­vival of the remaining char­ac­ters who are con­fronted with the hor­rific creature.

The film “Cyst” is known for its over-the-top and insane ideas that enter­tain the audi­ence with a mix­ture of absurdity and horror. Some of the crazy ideas in the film include the devel­op­ment of the “Get Gone machine”, a clumsy machine designed to remove fes­tering ulcers, and the self-developed nutrient solu­tion used in a cruel exper­i­ment that leads to the cre­ation of the mon­strous cyst mon­ster.

The film plays with the con­ven­tions of the horror genre and man­ages to create an eerie and oppressive atmo­sphere. The effects and make-up work are par­tic­u­larly remark­able as they impress­ively bring the mon­strous cyst mon­ster to life.

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