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After a mysterious accident, a young architect awakens in a strange world, fighting for his life while searching for an escape to reality.


Details of 'Coma'

111 minutes

About 'Coma'

“Coma” is a 2019 Rus­sian sci­ence fic­tion film set in a futur­istic hos­pital com­plex called “The Com­plex”. The main char­acter, Viktor, falls into a comatose state after a mys­ter­ious acci­dent and awakens in an alternate reality filled with bizarre and absurd ideas.

Sev­eral insane con­cepts are intro­duced in the film that take the audi­ence into a con­fusing world. For example, there exists a group of char­ac­ters called “archi­tects” who can create their own dream worlds. These archi­tects have a dis­tinct pen­chant for extra­vagant clothing and bizarre hair­styles, res­ulting in a sur­real visual impact. Another strange ele­ment is a gigantic spider’s web that serves as a con­nec­tion between dif­ferent levels of the com­plex and sym­bol­ises a cer­tain threat.

In the altern­ative reality of the com­plex, the patients are manip­u­lated by a mys­ter­ious organ­isa­tion called “Klara”, which pulls the strings behind the scenes. The mem­bers of Klara try to gain con­trol over the patients’ dreams and thus con­trol their reality. This leads to numerous absurd scenes in which Viktor and other patients exper­i­ence bizarre dream worlds in which the laws of physics are sus­pended and reality is dis­torted. For example, objects float in the air, rooms sud­denly change and time does not seem to run in a linear fashion.

While Viktor is trying to find out the truth about the com­plex and his own situ­ation, he comes across a res­ist­ance group within the hos­pital that is fighting against Klara. This group tries to help Viktor and free him from the com­plex. On his way, he encoun­ters more absurd and fant­astic scenes that chal­lenge his ima­gin­a­tion and offer the audi­ence a sur­real exper­i­ence.

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