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Christmas Bloody Christmas

On Christmas Eve, record store owner Tori Tooms plans to party, but chaos erupts when a malfunctioning robotic Santa Claus goes on a deadly rampage. Amidst drugs, sex, and violence, Tori must fight for her life against a brutal heavy metal Santa Claus.

Christmas Bloody Christmas

Details of 'Christmas Bloody Christmas'

United States
86 minutes

About 'Christmas Bloody Christmas'

Christmas Bloody Christmas is a Christmas horror film dir­ected by Joe Begos that crosses Ter­min­ator with Santa Claus. It’s Christmas Eve and Tori Tooms, a record store owner, actu­ally wants to spend the hol­i­days recon­ciling with her boy­friend. But her plan is thwarted when a mur­derous robot Father Christmas comes to town and wreaks havoc. Tori and her boy­friend must team up with a group of sur­vivors to stop the mech­an­ical mass mur­derer before he kills everyone.

The film is a tribute to the b‑movies of the 80s and offers many crazy ideas and absurd scenes. For example, there is a chase between the robot Santa and a reindeer sleigh, a scene where Tori turns a record shop into a fort­ress, and a scene where the robot Santa uses a Christmas tree as a weapon. The film is full of black humour, splatter effects and ref­er­ences to other horror films. Christmas Bloody Christmas is a film for fans of the trashy horror genre who don’t mind a bloody Christmas.

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Christmas Bloody Christmas
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