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Chillerama features movies such as Wadzilla, I Was a Teenage Werebear, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, and Zom-B-Movie, which not only pay homage to the classic B-horror films of the drive-in era but also cover more than four decades of cinema, catering to all types of unconventional preferences.


Details of 'Chillerama'

United States
120 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'Chillerama'

“Chillerama” is a horror-comedy from 2011 that con­sists of four seg­ments and was dir­ected by four dif­ferent dir­ectors. The film pays homage to classic horror films and B‑movies.

The first seg­ment is called “Wadz­illa” and is about a man who takes an exper­i­mental drug that enlarges his sperm. When he has sex, a giant sperm mon­ster is cre­ated that dev­ast­ates the city.

The second seg­ment is called “I Was a Teenage Were­bear” and is a parody of the teenage were­wolf films of the 1950s. It is about a young man who dis­covers he is a were­bear and turns into a dan­cing bear.

The third seg­ment is called “The Diary of Anne Franken­stein” and is a parody of the classic Franken­stein film. It is about the grandson of the famous sci­entist who tries to create the per­fect Nazi sol­dier by using parts of dead Jews.

The fourth seg­ment is called “Death­ic­a­tion” and is a parody of zombie films. It is about a man who dies in a toilet and is resur­rected as a zombie. He infects other zom­bies by shit­ting on them.

In between the seg­ments there are also some frame stories showing the dif­ferent film­makers and their work on the pro­ject. Overall, “Chillerama” is a bizarre and absurd horror-comedy that should appeal espe­cially to fans of the genre.

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Get your Undead Dicks... outta my Drive-In!

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