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Captain Berlin versus Hitler

Following the Nazi's rise to power, the resistance sought a way to put an end to Adolf Hitler's tyrannical rule. Their solution was to develop genetically enhanced assassins, and after extensive searching, they discovered the ideal candidate in a man known as Captain Berlin.

Captain Berlin versus Hitler

Details of 'Captain Berlin versus Hitler'

75 minutes
1.85 : 1

About 'Captain Berlin versus Hitler'

In 1973, Ger­many thought it was safe, but an unima­gin­able scen­ario played out. Adolf Hitler’s former per­sonal phys­i­cian, Ilse von Blitzen, had man­aged to pre­serve his brain. Thanks to state-of-the-art tech­no­logy, it was revived so that the Führer could speak again. How­ever, he still lacked a body, so the Eastern Bloc vam­pire Count Dracula was freed from his crypt to give the brain a shell.

To con­vince Dracula, a blonde, 16-year-old virgin named Maria was used as bait, but although he kid­napped her, he refused to help Hitler get a new body. So Ilse von Blitzen decided to trans­plant the brain into a robot. As a “Hitler­robo” he wanted to realise his former dream of power.

But he had not reckoned with his old adversary Cap­tain Berlin, whose daughter had been kid­napped by Dracula. Cap­tain Berlin once again con­fronted evil to save the girl and stop Hitler­robo. What an incred­ible and ter­ri­fying scen­ario in the midst of sup­posedly safe Ger­many!

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Captain Berlin versus Hitler
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