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Butt Boy

Detective Fox, a dedicated investigator, joins AA and suspects his sponsor Chip in a missing child case, believing people vanish through Chip's butt.

Butt Boy

Details of 'Butt Boy'

United States
99 minutes
2.2 : 1

About 'Butt Boy'

“Butt Boy” is a dark and sur­real film cre­ated in 2019 by dir­ector Tyler Cor­nack. The story revolves around Chip Gutchel, a low-key and frus­trated office worker who develops an unusual obses­sion: He dis­covers his ability to deliver objects and even people into his anus.

The plot picks up speed as Chip becomes more and more car­ried away by his addic­tion to anal trans­port­a­tion. He starts swal­lowing small objects like pens and keys until he even­tu­ally makes people dis­ap­pear. Detective Rus­sell Fox, an alco­holic cop strug­gling with his own life crisis, is the only one who recog­nises Chip’s uncanny abil­ities and tries to stop him.

Throughout the film, absurd and ludicrous scenes are presented that push the bound­aries of taste. Here are some examples:

  1. Chip swal­lows an entire ham­ster and keeps it alive in his anus.
  2. He trans­ports an entire bowling ball into his butt and plays with it in a bowling tour­na­ment.
  3. Chip swal­lows a boy who is then trapped in his body and tries to free him­self.
  4. He develops a dan­gerous addic­tion to eating people and begins a mur­derous series of abduc­tions.

The film skil­fully plays with the audi­ence’s expect­a­tions and delib­er­ately crosses the bound­aries of the absurd. In the pro­cess, a dark and sin­ister atmo­sphere is cre­ated that fas­cin­ates and shocks the viewer at the same time. “Butt Boy” is def­in­itely not a film for everyone, but is aimed at an audi­ence that enjoys absurd and uncon­ven­tional stories.

Des­pite its whim­sical premise, the film also offers more subtle mes­sages about addic­tions, abuse of power and the dis­tor­tion of desire. The char­ac­ters are com­plex and con­tribute to the uneasy mood of the film.

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