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Bunny The Killer Thing

Trapped in a remote cabin, a group faces Bunny the Killer Thing, a disturbing creature with human-rabbit features obsessed with female genitalia.

Bunny The Killer Thing

Details of 'Bunny The Killer Thing'

88 minutes

About 'Bunny The Killer Thing'

“Bunny the Killer Thing” is a 2015 Finnish horror film known as an absurd mix of comedy, splatter and B‑movie ele­ments. The film was dir­ected by Joonas Makkonen and tells the story of a group of people who are ter­ror­ised by a mutant killer rabbit in a remote cabin.

The film stands out from other horror films because of its crazy and off­beat ideas. One of the central ideas of the film is the killer rabbit itself, cre­ated by a bizarre genetic acci­dent. Bunny, as he is called, is an over­sized rabbit with a penis that can kill. This grot­esque per­form­ance is cer­tainly a high­light of the film’s absurdist humour.

In addi­tion, the film bor­rows numerous ideas from various genres and par­odies them in a com­ical way. One of the most bizarre ideas is the pres­ence of a pent­house model named Gwen, who is dis­covered by one of the char­ac­ters at a party. Gwen has the ability to con­trol people sexu­ally and make them turn into rab­bits. This leads to some hil­arious scenes of the men involved jumping around in bunny cos­tumes and causing mayhem.

Another crazy ele­ment of the film is the way the char­ac­ters react to the threat. Instead of pan­icking and looking for help, they decide to con­front the killer rabbit. They use uncon­ven­tional weapons like vacuum cleaners and vibrators to defend them­selves. These off­beat ideas show­case the wacky and quirky humour pre­valent in the film.

“Bunny the Killer Thing” is cer­tainly not a film for all tastes. With its absurd humour and off­beat ideas, it tar­gets a spe­cific audi­ence that has a pen­chant for whim­sical and over-the-top films. The film is not a horror mas­ter­piece, but it offers a wild and amusing roller­coaster ride for those who can get into it.

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