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Bullets of Justice

After the Third World War, "Project Army Bacon" creates "Muzzles," superhuman-pig hybrids. Rob Justice, an ex-bounty hunter, fights for humanity's survival.

Bullets of Justice

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79 minutes

About 'Bullets of Justice'

“Bul­lets of Justice” is a dysto­pian action film that presents an altern­ative reality in which mutant pigs threaten the world. The plot fol­lows the main char­ac­ters Rob Justice, a former mer­cenary, and his partner, the genet­ic­ally mod­i­fied pig-man, Benny. Together they fight an army of genet­ic­ally mod­i­fied Nazi pigs led by a ruth­less sci­entist named Cap­tain Von Schott.

The film is known for its crazy ideas and absurd scenes, which are a mix­ture of action, horror and comedy. One of the most remark­able scenes is when Rob Justice fights a giant mutant super pig in a spec­tac­ular show­down. He uses not only con­ven­tional weapons but also unusual tools such as a chainsaw and even his own fist fight.

Another absurd scene shows Benny gal­loping through the desert riding a pig while attacking his oppon­ents with a flamethrower. This sur­real com­bin­a­tion of animal and human in war scen­arios gives the film a unique but also bizarre atmo­sphere.

Other madcap ideas and scenes include an under­ground move­ment of rebel­lious vegans fighting against the genetic manip­u­la­tion of animals and a secret Nazi base in the desert where human sol­diers operate with pig heads.

The makers of Bul­lets of Justice delib­er­ately play with the absurd and sus­pend logic to provide an enter­taining and quirky film exper­i­ence. The film is char­ac­ter­ised by its over-the-top viol­ence, satir­ical com­mentary on society and blackly humorous style. Viewers are taken on a wild and wacky roller­coaster ride of action and mad­ness.

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