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Book of Monsters

On Sophie's 18th birthday, monstrous horrors ravage her house, forcing her to confront her destiny as the sole savior against them.

Book of Monsters

Details of 'Book of Monsters'

United Kingdom
84 minutes

About 'Book of Monsters'

“Book of Mon­sters” is a 2019 horror film dir­ected by Stewart Sparke. The story revolves around young Sophie who throws a party for her 18th birthday. How­ever, the cel­eb­ra­tion takes an unex­pected turn when a mys­ter­ious book called “Book of Mon­sters” appears and turns the guests into bloodthirsty mon­sters.

The plot of the film offers a mix of horror, comedy and classic mon­ster movie ele­ments. As Sophie and her friends des­per­ately try to fight the mon­sters and save them­selves from their house, the film presents a number of absurd ideas and insane scenes.

One of the crazy ideas in the film is the use of DIY weapons impro­vised by the teen­agers to fight the mon­sters. They use objects such as lawn mowers, golf clubs and hoovers to fight off the creatures. These cre­ative yet absurd weapons add a humorous touch to the film.

Another absurd scene is the mon­ster trans­form­a­tion of the guests during the party. The effects and make-up are not of Hol­ly­wood quality, but they add to the trashy atmo­sphere of the film. The mon­sters are whim­sic­ally and some­times even com­ic­ally designed, which can elicit a laugh from the audi­ence.

The film also plays with familiar genre clichés and par­odies. The char­ac­ters often do not take the situ­ation too ser­i­ously and make fun of the absurd events. This humorous approach and the char­ac­ters’ self-deprec­ating com­ments help to make “Book of Mon­sters” an enter­taining and access­ible exper­i­ence.

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Book of Monsters
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