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Blubberella, a half-vampire with a generous figure, battles undead Nazis to end oppression and violence.


Details of 'Blubberella'

87 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'Blubberella'

“Blubber­ella” is a bizarre film from 2011 that was con­ceived as a parody of the super­hero genre. Dir­ector Uwe Boll presents us here with an absurd story that is bursting with invent­ive­ness and insane ideas.

The film revolves around the tit­ular char­acter “Blubber­ella”, an over­weight vam­pire woman who fights against the Nazis in World War II. The plot is char­ac­ter­ised by absurd situ­ations and bizarre char­ac­ters. Blubber­ella, played by Lindsay Hol­lister, is an anti-heroic prot­ag­onist who provides numerous laughs through her clum­si­ness and awk­ward beha­viour.

One of the film’s mad ideas is the por­trayal of Adolf Hitler, who is presented here as a mega­lo­ma­niac and ridicu­lous vil­lain. He is embodied by Uwe Boll him­self and delivers a shrill and over-the-top per­form­ance. Another crazy idea is the inclu­sion of time travel, where Blubber­ella is sent to dif­ferent his­tor­ical eras to com­pete against the Nazis in a whim­sical way.

Besides these ideas, humour also plays a central role in “Blubber­ella”. The film uses a mix­ture of slap­stick, black humour and absurd dia­logues. The jokes are often crude and polit­ic­ally incor­rect, which makes the film a matter of taste. While some viewers may find the humour refresh­ingly off­beat, others may find it dis­tasteful and dis­respectful.

Visu­ally, the film is an explo­sion of over-the-top effects and trashy design. The sets look cheap and arti­fi­cial, but this is inten­tional to enhance the trash factor. The action sequences are also over­drawn and chaot­ic­ally staged, which under­lines the cine­matic style of “Blubber­ella”.

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Time to kill some Nazis!

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