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Black Sheep

Get ready for a woolly nightmare! When genetic engineering goes wrong, cute and cuddly sheep turn into savage predators, causing chaos on a massive farm in New Zealand.

Black Sheep

Details of 'Black Sheep'

New Zealand
87 minutes
2.35 : 1

About 'Black Sheep'

“Black Sheep” is a 2007 New Zea­land horror comedy film dir­ected and written by Jonathan King. The film revolves around genet­ic­ally mod­i­fied sheep that mutate into bloodthirsty beasts as a result of a farming acci­dent.

The plot begins with young Henry Old­field, who was attacked by a sheep as a child and developed a phobia of sheep as a result. When Henry returns to sell the family prop­erty, he dis­covers that his brother Angus is breeding genet­ic­ally mod­i­fied sheep to increase profits. During a tour of the farm, an acci­dent occurs and the sheep begin to turn into bloodthirsty mon­sters. Together with envir­on­mental act­ivist Exper­i­ence and shep­herd Tucker, Henry and Angus try to stop the sheep before they decimate the pop­u­la­tion of the sur­rounding towns.

“Black Sheep” is known for its absurd ideas and black humour. One of the film’s iconic scenes shows a man being raped by a sheep, leading to a dis­turbing yet hil­arious moment. Another mem­or­able scene is the trans­form­a­tion of a sheep into a human-like creature called a were-sheep. This creature is half-man, half-sheep and con­trib­utes to the film becoming a cult classic.

In addi­tion to these striking scenes, “Black Sheep” is also known for its satir­ical por­trayal of New Zea­land agri­cul­ture. The film shows the effects of mass food pro­duc­tion and the con­sequences that can result when agri­cul­ture plays with nature.

Overall, “Black Sheep” is an enter­taining horror-comedy with a unique premise and cre­ative use of spe­cial effects. The film is not for everyone, but for fans of B‑movies and black humour it offers a lot of fun.

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