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Attack of the Killer Donuts

After a chemical accident, harmless donuts turn into bloodthirsty assassins. Johnny, Michelle, and Howard must save their town from the wrath of the Killer Donuts.

Attack of the Killer Donuts

Details of 'Attack of the Killer Donuts'

United States
85 minutes
1.78 : 1

About 'Attack of the Killer Donuts'

“Attack of the Killer Donuts” is a B‑movie horror film that tells the story of mur­derous donuts come to life in an absurdly funny way. The film com­bines ele­ments of the horror genre with a dash of slap­stick humour and offers the audi­ence a wild roller­coaster ride full of absurd ideas.

The plot of the film revolves around Johnny, an unsuc­cessful donut seller who acci­dent­ally spills a secret chem­ical on the donuts in his shop. This sub­stance sud­denly turns the inno­cent donuts into bloodthirsty killers who attack their vic­tims in grue­some yet ridicu­lous ways. When the people of the town are threatened by the attacking donuts, Johnny and his friends must do everything they can to bring the situ­ation under con­trol and save the town.

The film stands out for its almost end­less list of crazy ideas that make the audi­ence smile and shake their heads. One of the film’s cra­ziest ideas is undoubtedly the trans­form­a­tion of inno­cent donuts into mur­dering mon­sters. Who would have thought that a simple sweet snack could be so dan­gerous? The donuts jump towards their vic­tims, bite down and leave a bloody mess in their wake. This absurd per­form­ance provides plenty of laughs and makes the audi­ence not take the ser­i­ous­ness of the situ­ation too ser­i­ously.

Besides the killer donuts, the film also offers a variety of other bizarre ideas. One of them is the intro­duc­tion of a mad sci­entist who developed the chem­ical and sup­ports Johnny in his fight against the donuts. The sci­entist is a cari­ca­ture of a typ­ical mad genius and adds to the absurd atmo­sphere of the film. In addi­tion, there are numerous quirky char­ac­ters such as a dorky policeman and a sexy donut seller who create addi­tional comic moments.

The film also plays with clichés of the horror genre and takes aim at them in a humorous way. For example, car chases are shown in slow motion so that the audi­ence can enjoy the exag­ger­ated drama and ten­sion of the scenes. The bloody effects and the absurd ways of death in which the donuts attack their vic­tims con­tribute to the exag­ger­a­tion of the horror genre and make the film a parody of itself.

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Attack of the Killer Donuts
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