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Attack of the Cyber Octopuses

In Neo-Berlin 2079, corporations reign and cyberspace is the only escape. But when a squad of detectives confronts a swarm of cyber octopuses, the battle for the city's soul begins.

Attack of the Cyber Octopuses

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20 minutes

About 'Attack of the Cyber Octopuses'

“Attack of the Cyber Octopuses” is a 2017 sci­ence fic­tion film set in a futur­istic world where humanity is threatened by a group of cyber­net­ic­ally enhanced octopuses. The film is set in an alternate ver­sion of the year 2067, where the internet and tech­no­logy rule the world and humanity is oppressed by a total­it­arian regime.

In this dysto­pian future, the prot­ag­onist, a former hacker named Alex, works as a waiter in a nightclub. One night, the club is attacked by the cyber squids, who are looking for an item Alex has in his pos­ses­sion. Together with a group of rebels, which included his former girl­friend, Alex fights the cyber squids to save humanity.

The film com­bines ele­ments from the sci­ence fic­tion, cyber­punk and action genres and offers a dark but also humorous vision of the future. The mes­sage of the film is that des­pite all the tech­no­lo­gical advances and dangers, humanity should still be in con­trol of its future.

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Attack of the Cyber Octopuses
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