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Army of Darkness

When you travel to the Middle Ages - don't forget the chainsaw!

Army of Darkness

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United States
81 minutes
1.33 : 1

About 'Army of Darkness'

“Army of Dark­ness” is a 1992 horror-comedy film and the third film in the Evil Dead film series. It was dir­ected by Sam Raimi and stars Bruce Camp­bell as Ash Wil­liams.

The plot picks up dir­ectly after the events of “Evil Dead 2” when Ash is acci­dent­ally trans­ported to the Middle Ages. There he is mis­taken for a war­rior by the inhab­it­ants of a castle and must fight against the army of the dead unleashed by an evil witch.

The film is famous for its crazy ideas and absurdly funny scenes. For example, Ash has a bionic hand that he assembled from a chainsaw module and a metal glove. He uses this hand in battle against the army of the dead and cuts zom­bies to pieces with it.

One of the most iconic scenes is Ash fighting an army of mini­ature ver­sions of him­self cre­ated by an evil ver­sion of Ash. These “mini-Ashes” are known for their funny and absurd actions, such as singing the “Hi Ho” song from Dis­ney’s “Snow White”.

Another mem­or­able scene is when Ash steals the “Nec­ro­nomicon Ex-Mortis”, a book of death, from a grave­yard, repeating the well-known phrase “Klaatu Barada Nikto”. This phrase is quoted in many other films and TV series and has achieved cult status.

Overall, “Army of Dark­ness” is a very enter­taining film with many crazy ideas and absurd scenes that have made the film a cult classic.

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