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Alien Tampon

When a student unknowingly uses a blood-soaked alien tampon and transforms into a murderous monster, a group of students joins forces to confront her with weapons and courage.

Alien Tampon

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3 minutes

About 'Alien Tampon'

“Alien Tampon” is a German horror film from 2015 that com­bines a bizarre and absurd plot with a dash of humour. The storyline revolves around school­girl Paula, who comes across a mys­ter­ious alien tampon in her school, which ori­gin­ates from a met­eorite.

When Paula uses the tampon, she sud­denly becomes pos­sessed by an alien force. Together with her friends Lucy, Max and Erik, she tries to uncover the secret of the tampon and stop the alien threat. In the pro­cess, they encounter various absurd situ­ations and bizarre char­ac­ters.

The film stands out for its crazy ideas and most absurd scenes. One of the cra­ziest scenes is cer­tainly when the alien tampon comes to life and flies through the school in a bloody chase looking for new vic­tims. Another absurd scene shows Paula and her friends entering the body of a teacher to fight the alien tampon. There they find them­selves in a sur­real world where they have to fight grot­esque creatures and crazy obstacles.

The film uses absurd and macabre humour to shock the audi­ence and make them laugh. There is also a dash of teenage romance and a bit of blood and gore to add to the horror aspect. The story of “Alien Tampon” is cer­tainly not for the faint-hearted, but for those who enjoy quirky and over-the-top enter­tain­ment, the film could be just the ticket.

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Alien Tampon
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