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A Writer’s Odyssey

Years after his daughter's abduction, a man is hired to assassinate a fantasy novel author. But as he delves into the task, the lines between the book's world and reality blur.

A Writer's Odyssey

Details of 'A Writer’s Odyssey'

130 minutes

About 'A Writer’s Odyssey'

“A Writer’s Odyssey” is a 2021 Chinese sci­ence fic­tion film about a writer whose novel char­acter comes to life and takes him on a fant­astic journey. The story revolves around a des­perate father, Guan Ning, who is searching for his missing daughter. When he is con­tacted by a mys­ter­ious organ­isa­tion called “The House of Writing”, he learns that his daughter has been kid­napped and the only way he can secure her release is by fin­ishing the novel of a famous author named Kongwen Li.

The film switches back and forth between two storylines. On the one hand, we see Guan Ning facing the dangers of the real world and being hunted by the author’s henchmen. On the other hand, we are immersed in Kong’s ima­gin­ative world where his char­acter in the novel, a hitman named Tu Ling, struggles to find his maker and kill him in order to gain his own immor­tality.

One of the film’s most madcap ideas is the con­nec­tion between the real world and the fic­tional world of the novel. Guan Ning and Kongwen Li have a strange con­nec­tion to each other, and their actions influ­ence each other. Sur­real moments arise in which the bound­aries between reality and fic­tion become blurred. One example is when Guan Ning enters the fic­tional world and sud­denly finds him­self in a battle between fantasy creatures and futur­istic sol­diers.

Another absurd scene is the dis­play of Kong­wen’s powers. He can use a spe­cial pen to bring char­ac­ters to life and influ­ence their fates. This ability leads to thrilling and action-packed moments in which the limits of ima­gin­a­tion are exceeded.

The film also impresses with its visual effects and set design. The world of the novel is rich in fantasy, with breath­taking land­scapes and impressive creatures. The action sequences are dynamic and full of spe­cial effects that trans­port the viewer into an exciting and sur­real world.

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A Writer's Odyssey
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