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About Madcap Movies

About Madcap Movies

Who is behind “Madcap Movies”?

Thomas Frenken (Founder of Madcap Movies)
Thomas Frenken (Founder of Madcap Movies)

The web­site “Madcap Movies” is a small side pro­ject by Thomas Frenken. I have mainly been in charge of my inter­na­tional syn­thpop magazine “Elec­tro­zom­bies” since 2010. But not only elec­tronic music is my pas­sion, but also movies and video games. Basic­ally, I’m a real media junkie!

My taste in movies was influ­enced early on by sci-fi series like Star Trek (TOS) and 70s clas­sics like “Logan’s Run”, “West­world” or “The Time Machine” from 1960. How­ever, my taste in movies became more and more spe­cial­ised at some point. Because at some point I had already seen all kinds of plots and the usual Hol­ly­wood summer com­edies and action block­busters started to bore me. Sure, you can always turn off your brain, but when you do, you do it right!

My strongest memories are always the movies that were just com­pletely mor­onic or had extremely insane ideas. “Logan’s Run”, for example, which I saw as a child when I was 6 or 7, I remembered intensely until my late 20s, before I saw it again. The most of the thou­sands of other movies I had seen in the mean­time were only faint memories for me.

For all those who feel the same way and are looking for an extraordinary movie exper­i­ence, I have cre­ated the web­site “Madcap Movies”. I hope you will find one, two or more new movie treas­ures here or share your per­sonal movie recom­mend­a­tions with me. 

What is Madcap Madness about?

First of all, this site is not about bashing or dissing the movies listed, as the name of the web­site might sug­gest. On the con­trary, we love movies that are beyond the norm. These are not just so-called “trash movies”, because there are also pro­duc­tions with bigger budgets that don’t shy away from weird ideas. And also those with a crazy twist in the middle of the movie like ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ or movies like ‘The Matrix’, whose story and images had such a massive impact that they have become part of movie his­tory.

Madcap Movies is about movies that are dif­ferent from main­stream cinema and go far beyond the usual viewing habits. Of course, the concept of a “niche movie web­site without main­stream cinema” is not a new inven­tion of mine. How­ever, I think the selec­tion of movies here is more than “spe­cial” com­pared to other spe­cial­ised movie web­sites.

In short: Idea first, budget second!

What about political correctness?

We don’t glorify any­thing, are open-minded and don’t want to step on any­one’s toes. No matter which movies we list here, and there are some really weird and badass gren­ades in there, they are just movies for enter­tain­ment.

If you are really sens­itive about topics like cul­tural appro­pri­ation, polit­ical cor­rect­ness or cancel cul­ture, this web­site is prob­ably not for you. We see ourselves as a bubble-free source for all movies fans, who don’t take movie plots and ideas too ser­i­ously.

Why aren’t all the mad movies listed here?

When I was researching suit­able movies for this par­tic­ular col­lec­tion, I came across hun­dreds of shark movies (for example). There are so many movies about sharks that you could even fill a whole web­site with them. Admit­tedly, that’s pretty niche and crazy, but pos­sible! And by the way, there is already a movie web­site called “Shark­s­ploit­a­tion” in the world wide web. Besides that, you’re doing the sharks an injustice. They are not the mer­ci­less killers as presented like in the movies.

Fur­ther­more we are not listing every movie from The Asylum or Troma Enter­tain­ment nor every Zomedy ever made. We only pick the weirdest movies or the ones that have turned everything upside down in their time. The range is from the cheapest B‑movie pro­duc­tion to the mil­lion dollar Hol­ly­wood block­buster.